San Diego Model Boat Pond

The pond was originally built into the Mission Bay master plan in 1939 as a continuation of a long standing program with the City Schools of San Diego of building Model Boats and competing between schools on the pond.

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Welcome to San Diego's R/C Model Boat Club - 2014 Season

With San Diego's rich maritime history, warm climate and active Navy port, it's not surprising to find a diverse group of hobbyists with a common interest in model boating.

The San Diego Argonauts are a non-profit organization dedicated to promote radio control model boating and racing.

We meet and race monthly at the model yacht pond located in the heart of San Diego's Mission Bay recreational area. The model yacht pond, built by the City of San Diego, is designed and used only for model boating. Located near Sea World and other maritime attractions, the model yacht pond is bordered by a large grass area ideal for spectators, picnicking and just enjoying our San Diego weather.

On most Saturday mornings, you will likely find members of the Ship Modelers Guild, gracefully navigating the pond with electric powered scale models of warships, fishing trawlers, luxury yachts  and other intricately detailed model watercraft.

Saturday afternoon, as the wind picks up, naturally gives way to members of the Sail Division. These radio control sail boats are marvels of hi-tech building techniques, using space age materials such as carbon fiber, mylar, etc. Just like their full scale counterparts across the bay.

Sunday brings out the entertaining and exciting POWER Division. Most of these boats are driven by 2 stroke gas engines, similar to what you would find in your weed whacker. These boats reach speeds of 55+ mph on stock engines, and with a few modifications, the boats can achieve speeds in excess of 60 mph. In addition, you will find some very fast electric boats and even nitro boat or two.

The POWER Division has a long history of racing on the San Diego Model Boat Pond and continues that racing tradition with monthly Argonaut Club Races. Bring your family and friends down to the pond and enjoy a beautiful afternoon of racing. See you at the races!